As a Technology Solutions Provider Company, E²U is in the business of connecting organizations with technology platforms to enable digital transformations, automate businesses & deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences.


Cloud Services

Whether your business is already using the Cloud or exploring the possibilities. E²U is with you, making the case for cloud adoption by eliminating the stress of migration. 

Helping you identify the right solution:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), or SaaS (Software as a Service), and;

  • hosting options-Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud;

E²U helps you realise the power of Cloud and make it a strategic differentiator for your business. 

Migration Services

Application Migration

Turn your on-premise trusted applications to service-based offerings. E²U analyses your IT systems, identifies and profiles your infrastructure/application workload and arrives at a strategy that works for you and delivers business value.




E²U can help you move an application, its database, and OS from its current hosting environment and shift it to another without any changes. SaaS Solutions delivers software applications over the internet and is usually subscription-based and is ideal for growing businesses and temporary projects.



E²U eases this challenging and complex operation that requires major changes in the application configuration and coding before migration. 

This may involve:

  • Partial Refactoring – where only a small part of the application is modified to enable faster migration.
  • Complete Refactoring- requires complete modification of the application to deliver high performance at lower costs.



E²U undertakes the optimal upgradation of the application, OS, and database while preserving its existing functionalities to meet transformative goals and enhance its scalability and automation advantages.



E²U helps your organization or business discard the legacy application and develop it again using cloud services and features.



E²U helps in re-evaluating the necessity to migrate data and identifies the applications to be replaced or reconfigured and modernized.



When an enterprise IT portfolio is no longer useful, it needs to be retired. E²U enables this process to save expenses, so you can focus on your business goals.


Cloud Advisory Services

E²U offers targeted consulting engagements by leveraging its deep knowledge of enterprise cloud solutions. Working with you as a team, E²U can handle all your migration, operations and management tasks to deliver impactful results and ROI.


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