Legacy Windows Server Migration


Getting rid of technical debt is a huge challenge. The burden of legacy application architectures with their complexities and dependencies can prove expensive for your business. It can expose your applications and data to security vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

With the end of support for Windows Server, more and more organizations are now facing the need to migrate to an agile platform. Limited time, budget, or technical expertise to hundreds of servers running old apps- the scale of the problem is overwhelming. What’s more, you can’t afford the business disruption that goes with modernizing, so the problem persists year after year.

How do you move forward practically? How do you initiate structured redevelopment and bridge the gap to modern, secure, and efficient?
How do you seamlessly migrate data along with network resources that are required and make a smooth transition from a legacy server operating system to a new operating system?

E²U migration intelligence works with you to discover your legacy application genome and use that to do a stateful re-install and transformation of your applications on modern, secure digital platforms. These solutions use a repeatable methodology proven in customer environments and are based on best practices.


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